Front 2/4 Angle Shot of R2-2X10 Loaded Enclosure
Front View of R2-2X10 Loaded Enclosure
Side View of R2-2X10 Loaded Enclosure
Back View of R2-2X10 Loaded Enclosure
Terminal Cup View of R2-2X10 Loaded Enclosure
View of R2-2X10 Installed in SUV

Prime Dual R2 10" Sealed Loaded Enclosure R2-2X10

The R2-2X10 loaded enclosure features powerful bass output, high quality construction, and easy drop-in installation. The R2 10” subwoofers offer more bass and more power handling though its dual voice coil design that handles 500 Watts of thumping performance. The pre-built enclosure is internally wired to a 2-ohm load, so you just need to add an amplifier for epic bass performance, all right out of the box. The high-quality construction of the enclosure is built with 5/8” MDF (medium density fiberboard), OEM grade carpet, and high current binding posts. Built with class-leading materials, not only for a next level look, but to ensure next level performance.

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The R2-2X10 is pre-loaded with two R2D2-10 dual voice coil subwoofers pre-wired to a 2-ohm amplifier load. Optimum performance can be achieved by matching the enclosure with an amplifier that produces up to 500 Watts RMS at 2Ω. The high current binding posts accept up to 12 gauge speaker wire for maximum current delivery from the amp and are spring loaded so the enclosure can be easily removed for trips when luggage space is needed in the trunk/hatch area. The sealed enclosure design provides a smooth frequency response, applicable for all music types and the 5/8” medium density fiberboard provides the strength and rigidity to withstand powerful bass. The rear is slanted to conform to the back seat, allowing the subwoofer enclosure to directed toward the rear license plate of the vehicle for considerable air compression, resulting in low frequency bass reproduction.

  • Powerful Performance
  • Complete All-In-One Design
  • Constructed with 5/8" MDF
  • High Quality Construction
  • Covered with high density carpet
  • High current binding posts
  • 1 Year Warranty

Power handling on Rockford Fosgate speakers conform to CEA-2031 industry standards.

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Klippel Verified

Klippel is a speaker certification program allowing us to deliver the best possible subwoofers.

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CEA-2031 Compliant
CEA-2031 Guidelines
Woofer Quantity
Woofer Size
Woofer Series
Nominal Impedance (ea)
2Ω (Internally wired to create a 2Ω amp load)
Power Handling (Watts RMS)
500 Watts RMS
1,000 Watts Peak
Enclosure Type
Enclosure Material
5/8" MDF
Speaker Connector
Up to 12 AWG High Current Binding Posts
Box (H x W x D)
Wedge (H x W x D1 x D2)
12.20" x 30.12" x 12.11"
(310mm x 765mm x 308mm)
Shipping Weight
36.38 Lbs. (16.5 Kg)

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