Camera Plug and Play Harness and Mounting Kit for Select X3 Models MX-CAM-X317

The MX-CAM-X317 is a vehicle specific installation kit for the MX-CAM, purpose-built for select Can-Am® MAVERICK X3® models. An included bracket allows for factory fitment on 2017 and newer models. The included T-harness allows for easy, error proof electrical connections. The harness plugs directly into PMX-3 and PMX-8 source units with an integrated trigger wire, and the included red/blue backlit rocker snaps into an open slot in the X317-DK providing instant camera view. Kit requires matching MX-CAM motorsports backup camera.

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The MX-CAM-X317 harness provides everything needed to install the MX-CAM on select Can-Am® MAVERICK X3® models. The included bracket secures to factory attachment points and allows the camera to snap-in to place. A vehicle specific T-harness plugs directly in the taillight to supply power for the camera. Composite video is accessible through an industry standard male RCA for connection to any source unit with a video line input. PMX-3 and PMX-8 compatibility is ensured with an additional remote trigger, turning the camera on/off when shifting the UTV into reverse. The panel mount rocker switch features a blue backlit “rear camera” logo for easy identification and a red backlit camera icon to indicate the on/off status.

  • Kit requires MX-CAM motorsports backup camera
  • Includes license plate mount for use on Can-Am® X3 Models
  • Prewired and included camera switch for quick access
  • Vehicle specific T-harness allows for quick no mistake wire connections
In The Box
(1) Can-Am X3 License plate bracket mount (steel)
(2) Screws/2 nuts (hardware for Camera plate)
(1) Main harness with carling switch
(1) Can-Am X3 Tail-light T-Harness adapter
Shipping Weight


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