Advanced Interactive Signal Processor & OEM Interface (Patent Pending) 3SIXTY.2

Advanced Interactive Signal Processor & OEM Interface (Patent Pending) 3SIXTY.2

The 3Sixty.2 is the most advanced OEM integration processor on the market. Its advanced artificial intelligence allows the use of aftermarket car audio equipment to be utilized with virtually any OEM source unit.

• Model replaced by 3SIXTY.3

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The 3Sixty.2 delivers unprecedented control and flexibility to aftermarket and OEM sound systems with up to 153 bands of equalization and signal manipulation. Offering a fully interactive touch screen wireless solution via optional Bluetooth enabled Palm OS or Windows Mobile devices, give users the ability to tune a sound system in real time anywhere within the vehicle.


  • Digital Signal Processor with OEM integration capabilities (patent pending)
  • Auto equalization with auto sum capability
  • Remote programmable master volume/aux volume control
  • Bluetooth™ Connectivity (via compatible mobile device)
  • 1 Year Warranty
6-Ch. 1/3 Octave EQ

The 6-channel 1/3 octave equalizer allows complete signal manipulation of either OEM or aftermarket audio systems ...

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Real-Time Crossover

The built in real time crossover allows instant adjustment crossover frequencies, crossover slopes and time delay ...

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Intuitive Navigation

The 3SIXTY's intuitive navigation gives the user quick access to all channels, inputs and level controls. ...

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OEM Equalization

See how sound in your factory system can automatically be improved using the 3SIXTY. With the ...

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Bluetooth™ Audio Streaming

Wirelessly stream audio to your unit with any compatible Bluetooth™ device.

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Windows Mobile™

Setup and configuration can be accomplished with any compatible Windows Mobile™ device.

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OEM Integration

Utilizing both hi-level (speaker) and low-level (RCA) inputs, the 3SIXTY can interface with all factory and ...

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Dual Function Remote

The dash-mounted remote knob can function as either a master or subwoofer level control.

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iPod™ Input

Take your music with you by connecting your favorite iPod or MP3 player to your system ...

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Palm OS™

Setup and configuration can be accomplished with any compatible Palm OS™ device.

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Processor Type
Digital Signal Processor
Signal Input
High-Level: 6-channel (FR/FL/RR/RL/Center/Sub)
Low-Level: (8) RCA (FR/FL/RR/RL/Center/Sub/L-AUX/R-AUX)
Input Voltage
20 Vrms max.
EQ Frequency Centers
31 bands @ 20Hz-20kHz
ISO 1/3 Octave centers
Input Impedance
10k Ohms
Palm® OS Requirements
Palm OS® V 5.0 (or higher)
320x320 display
16-bit color resolution
Palm® OS Compatible
Palm® LifeDrive™
Palm® Treo™ 650
Palm® Treo™ 700P
Palm® Tungsten™ E2
Palm® Tungsten™ T5
Palm® TX
Zire™ 72
Incompatible Devices
Samsung BlackJack
Motorola Q
HP (all devices)
Windows Mobile® Requirements
Windows Mobile® 5 (or higher)
.Net Compact Framework 2.0 (or higher)
Microsoft Bluetooth® Stack
Windows Mobile® Compatible
Dell™ X51
Dell™ X51V
Dell™ X50 (requires Dell OS upgrade)
Dell™ X50V
E-Ten G500+
Palm® Treo™ 700W
Palm® Treo™ 700WX
T-Mobile MDA
T-Mobile SDA
Sprint® PPC-6700
Cingular VX6700

These devices available in USA based on hardware platforms available world-wide. World-wide platforms should be compatible but have not been explicitly tested.
Signal Output
Low-Level: (6) RCA (FR/FL/RR/RL/Center/Sub)
Output Voltage
5 Vrms
Output Gain: +/- 10dB
>100dB (A-weighted)
Crossover Type
3-Way adjustable w/ Subwoofer
Front/Rear/Center: High-Pass / Band-Pass / Low-Pass
Subwoofer: Low-Pass
Crossover Frequency
62 steps between 50Hz-10kHz
Subwoofer: 50Hz - 200Hz
Crossover Slope
12dB/octave Butterworth
24db/octave Linkwitz-Riley
Subsonic Filter: 12dB and 24dB/octave
EQ Frequency Controls
+/- 10dB
Dimensions (H x W x D)
1.75" H x 7.25" W x 4.25" D
4.45 H x 18.41 W x 10.79 D (cm)
Shipping Weight
1.0 Lbs.
(0.45 Kg.)

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