290W ecoPunch 7 Speaker System 2013-Current-JUKE

290W ecoPunch 7 Speaker System 2013-Current-JUKE

The Juke features a Rockford Fosgate ecoPUNCH premium audio system that is fully tuned to deliver our incredible signature sound. ecoPunch means it was done in an efficient manner that is appropriate for today's smaller vehicles. As in previous years, a tightly integrated subwoofer reinforces the sound system without taking up cargo space and supplements the low frequency PUNCH present in all music.

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For 2013, the Nissan Juke features the Rockford Fosgate ecoPUNCH premium audio system.  ecoPUNCH is a collection of innovations  that brings premium audio to today's smaller and lighter vehicles in a more efficient manner.

As in previous models, the Juke includes a tightly  integrated Rockford Fosgate 130W powered subwoofer in the rear trim.  In addition, an integrated DSP amplifier provides an additional 160W of fully tuned audio to the main speaker channels to create a true premium audio listening experience.

Including an 8" long-throw subwoofer, the system cleanly reinforces the low frequency dynamics and PUNCH found in all music.  Road and powertrain noise can often drown out this portion of the sound spectrum, so supplementing the lower frequencies makes the music experience more full, exciting, and enjoyable in real-world driving situations.


  • DSP Tuning precisely tailors audio signals to each speaker
  • Dual Voice Coils (DVC) allow the subwoofer to handle larger amounts of power
  • Balanced Dome Tweeters offer excellent high-frequency performance
  • Long-Throw Subwoofer provides great excursion and deep bass
  • Sealed Enclosures provide a tight, controlled bass response

A next generation audio system that delivers all the PUNCH™ while consuming less juice than a ...

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Discrete MOSFET Sub Channel

Provides incredible "instantaneous" power for clean PUNCH bass sound.

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Class-AB Amplifier

Provides a good compromise of efficiency and low distortion relative to Class A or B designs.

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DSP Tuning

Precisely tailors the audio signals to each speaker for the unique needs of a given vehicle.

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Front Tweeter Size
Front Speaker Size
Rear Speaker Size
Number of Channels
Number of Speakers
Subwoofer Size
8" DVC
Amplifier RMS Power
290 Watts

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