The Ride, Reinvented.

2014+ Subwoofer Kit for Harley-Davidson®

When you want next level audio performance on your 2014 or newer Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, our new subwoofer kits reinvent the ride. Designed and engineered for easy integration and superior flexibly, these 800 watt, dual 10-inch motorcycle kits are built for true on-road performance. The plug-and-play design, paired with freeway speed output, create the best in-class bass experience. This entire system was also designed to work with your current Rockford Fosgate TMS motorcycle audio system.

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System Overview

Engineered for easy integration and superior flexibly, the new Rockford Fosgate 800 watt dual 10” subwoofer motorcycle kits are built for true motorcycle on-road performance. The plug-and-play design paired with freeway speed output all create the best in class on bike bass experience.

Dual 10” M1 Subwoofers with Enclosures

Freeway Speed Performance

The M1 subwoofers deliver clear, accurate and loud bass. They also feature an Element Ready design and are built to stand up to the outdoor environment. Housing the subwoofers are these purpose-built enclosures that fit perfectly into your factory saddlebags.

800-Watt M5 Amplifier

Play All Day Performance

The 800 watt 4-channel M5 Element Ready amplifier features the next level of Element Ready™ design that’s built as rugged as the outdoor environment. With its play all day performance, its engineered to endure those long touring rides when your soundtrack, just can’t stop.

Plug-and-Play Design

Designed to work right out of the box. The included wiring and cutting template make for easy installation, all to ensure less time in the garage and more time out riding

Full Throttle Bass Output

Finally, bass for your bike. The dual 10” subwoofers and enclosures were purpose built for the motorcycle environment and deliver that on-road audio experience you’ve been waiting for, even at freeway speeds

Flexible Bass System

Sound when you want it, space when you need it. This patent pending design allows you to remove one or both subwoofers easily with no tools. So, if you need your bags for a long ride, this flexible system allows for just that

Rockford Motorcycle Ecosystem

Everything was purpose-built to seamlessly work with your existing Rockford Fosgate Harley-Davidson system. With a few simple connections this dual bass system integrates flawlessly

Neo Motors

Our Ultra‐Efficient Neodymium Dual Magnet Motor Structure not only increases the strength of our motors, which is the Rockford standard in class leading speaker output, and is also super light, which means more output, and less weight.


The Vertical Attach Surround Technique significantly increases a subwoofer's effective radiating cone area up to 25%.

Power Supply

Power supply circuit design that allows the amplifier to increase output power as voltage increases.


This technology allows the amplifier to produce more power with less current draw from the vehicle's charging system.


Woofer Qty:

  • 2

Woofer Size:

  • 10"

Enclosure Type:

  • Sealed

Enclosure Material:

  • Rotomolded HDPE

Frequency Response:

  • 20 Hz – 750 Hz

Amplifier Type:

  • Class-AD

Total Power:

  • 800 Watts