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Vive la Rockford Fosgate in Renault Megane

17 years, 1 month ago AudioMotive Distributors / MAX Power Magazine / March 2007

Hot hatches.  There's plenty to choose from.  Keown Smith settled for the less common Renault Megane Sport. Clever Boy. From the front, this car looks like a dragon with fiery orange nostrils and shiny silver teeth hiding the intercooler.  At the back, there's silver-grille treatment too and a big Rockford Fosgate vinyl tatooed on its arse to let you know that the amps behind the rear headrests are not just for show.

Source Unit: Rockford Fosgate
Subwoofers: (2) Rockford Fosgate Punch 200.2
Amplifiers: Rockford Fosgate Punch 400x4
Capacitors: Rockford Fosgate 1.5 Farad
Mids & Tweeters: (2) Rockford Fosgate Punch P2 12"
Wiring: Rockford Fosgate all the way around

About Rockford Fosgate

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