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Rockford Fosgate's Connecting Punch Type RF Competition Series Carbon Capacitors Featured at 2003 CES

20 years ago Tempe, AZ

Tempe, Ariz. – Connecting Punch is leading the charge in low ESR, large capacitance, carbon style capacitors. At the 2003 CES (booth #828), Rockford Fosgate will show the industry why by featuring 50- and 100-Farad Competition Series Carbon Capacitors. “The new generation in capacitor technology is here,” explains Mark Lieber, Rockford accessory product specialist. “The new Connecting Punch series capacitors have substantially more capacitance than any other capacitor on the market. Unlike most competitive capacitors, the Carbon Cap delivers its energy lightning fast and can do this because of its amazingly low ESR, ranging from 1.8 to 3.8 milliohms depending on the model. Designed by PhD's for use in hybrid cars, these capacitors are designed to deliver unbelievable power in a fraction of a second. Better yet is the ability of the capacitor to recharge just as fast.” The 50 Farad CPCC1 specs include:

• Rated voltage - 16 volts constant
• Power output – 450 amps at 12.6 volts
• ESR - 1.8 mille Ohms
• Connections – two 2/0-1/0 AWG and one 4 AWG The 100 Farad CPCC2 specs include:
• Rated voltage - 16 volts constant
• Power output – 900 amps at 12.6 volts
• ESR - 3.8 mille Ohms
• Connections – two 2/0-1/0 AWG and one 4 AWG

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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