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Rockford Fosgate T1 Slim-Fit and T2 Power Series Subwoofers Now Available

9 years, 3 months ago Charlie Leib | 480.380.0673 [email protected]

Rockford Fosgate (, the industry leader in high-performance audio systems, is proud to announce that new Power Series subwoofer lines are now available, including T1 Slim-Fit (MSRPs: T1S1-10 & T1S2-10, $499.99; T1S1-12 & T1S2-12 $549.99) and T2 (MSRPs: T2S1-13 & T2S2-13, $1,299.99; T2S1-16 & T2S2-16, $1,499.99) models.

“For years, our Power Series subwoofers have garnered accolades from both our dealers and customers alike, and so we are excited to ship our updated Power Series subs for 2015,” said Jake Braaten, Rockford’s V.P. of product development & engineering. “As installs become more and more intricate and space limitations are more common, we’ve redesigned our Power Series subwoofer line to include slim-fit models that accommodate such applications. We were careful not to compromise performance, and even created a revolutionary design that delivers class leading performance.”

Braaten added that technical highlights that contribute to the Slim-Fit subs’ new performance characteristics include injection molded foam surround with VAST proprietary surround technique, encapsulating voice coil to former coupling technology (patent pending), high temperature energy neodymium motor structure, and proprietary split yoke pass thru motor structure (patent pending).

In addition, Rockford Fosgate is now shipping its Power T2 subwoofers, including 13-inch and 16-inch models (1 & 2 ohm versions of each). T2 technical highlights include a carbon fiber/PMI/glass fiber cone with aluminum dustcap, injection molded foam surround with VAST proprietary surround technique, aluminum die cast frame with integrated heatsink fins, and triple stack segmented ferrite motor structure.

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