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Rockford Fosgate Now Offers Complete Pro Series Speaker Systems

11 years, 4 months ago Charlie Leib | 480.380.0673 | [email protected]

Rockford Fosgate, the industry leader in high-performance car audio systems, announced that it has added new models to its new Pro Series speaker systems, allowing for a complete system offering. Rockford will feature the complete line at The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nev. from Jan. 8-10, 2013, in The Palms Ballroom. Additions to the line include two 10-inch midrange speakers (4- and 8-Ohm) and two crossovers (4- and 8-Ohm), that are now shipping.

“Rockford Fosgate’s Klippel-verified Punch Pro mids and crossovers complete a family of high output full range performance products for extreme sound quality levels,” said Jake Braaten, Rockford director of product development. “Over recent years, the market has been demanding louder systems, but not necessarily just low-end from subs. The professional audio market has utilized and perfected technologies over the decades, such as for use in arenas and stadiums, which allows for crystal clear audio to be projected over long distances. Utilizing such specialized technologies but for use in a more compact system, Rockford now offers complete and compatible system choices with the Punch Pro Series.”

Rockford Fosgate’s 2013 additions to the Punch Pro Series include the PPS4-10 10-inch, 350/700 (RMS/Peak) Watt, single 4 Ohm midrange speaker ($249.99 MSRP), the PPS8-10 10-inch, 350/700 (RMS/Peak) Watt, single 8 Ohm midrange speaker (($249.99 MSRP), PP4-X 4 Ohm Punch Pro passive crossover (for use with 4 Ohm six-, eight-, or 10-inch Pro midrange speakers and tweeters) ($99.99 MSRP), and the PP8-X 8 Ohm Punch Pro passive crossover (for use with 8 Ohm six-, eight-, or 10-inch Pro midrange speakers and tweeters) ($99.99 MSRP).

The tweeter section of the crossover is fully customizable with a four or eight Ohm selectable impedance and 0, -3, or -6dB attenuation.

PPS4-10 & PPS8-10 specs include:
• Corrugated treated cloth surround
• Fiber reinforced high strength paper cone with treated W style surround
• Billet stock machined aluminum phase plug
• High temp aluminum voice coil
• Fatigue and tear resistant poly cotton spider
• Periodic-stitched fatigue resistant lead wire
• Stamp-cast steel frame
• All metal input spring terminal connection
• Grilles and mounting hardware included
• Sensitivity 95dB
• Frequency Response: 40Hz – 3kHz

Klippel testing, validation, and certification offers a number of benefits for the manufacturer, industry, and, ultimately, the customer. During development, Klippel analyzers can uniquely and dynamically measure the behavior of transducers in the large signal domain in order to determine its performance and reliability. It has the ability to capture voltage, current, power, and voice coil temperature on multiple channels over time with any stimulus. In production, SPL, T/S parameters, coil position, and suspension non-linearity can now all be verified on every unit and batch manufactured. The result is a product manufactured to Rockford’s precise specifications that typically exceeds industry standards.

Specifications and prices subject to change without notice.

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