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Rockford Fosgate Launches Next Generation of Source Units for 2003

21 years, 3 months ago Tempe, AZ

Tempe, Ariz. – Rockford Fosgate (CES booth # 828), manufacturer of high performance car audio, announces that it has made its award-winning and immensely popular source unit line even better for 2003. This year’s predecessors are Innovations Design and Engineering Awards winners two years running. Rockford Fosgate’s 2003 source units are single DIN AM/FM/CD/ in-dash mobile audio source units with built-in amplification (excluding the 9420) with three pairs of RCA outputs, and are scheduled for availability in January 2003. Four of the five new models are MP3-capable via CD-R or CD-RW and, in addition, Rockford Fosgate will offer the RAV DVD1, a single DIN chassis AM/FM \ DVD\MP3\VCD\ CD\CD-R compatible source unit, with built in Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS decoders, as well as a built in center channel amplifier for 2003.

“Rockford Fosgate’s 2003 RFX source unit line is built for ease of use, features that make a difference, extreme sound quality, and performance,” explains Garry Springgay, Rockford Fosgate senior product analyst. “And to put us over the top of our competition, the RFX9420 and RFX9320 units also feature Type RF amplifier DSP control. Overall, the line will be expanded to five models, four of which will play MP3 files via CD-Rs. From the first time headunit buyer to the car audio fanatic who recognizes the Rockford Fosgate brand and the legendary performance that is associated with it, our 2003 RFX source unit line has the answer for them.” Adds Bill Jackson, Rockford vice president – mobile audio, “We are extremely pleased at how our 2001 and 2002 source units have been received. They have already gained a tremendous amount of popularity in a short period of time and have proved to the industry that we are the leaders in MP3 category. Our 2003 models continue in this tradition by offering units with competitive features, high performance, the hottest cosmetics available, and competitive price, all from a premium line.”

Rockford Fosgate’s RFX source unit series allows a Rockford customer to use the RFX units as a perfect cornerstone of a very high performance system. These units feature industry-leading performance in their pre-amp sections that provide an exceptional starting point for building an entire high-end audio system. By offering a state-of-the-art source unit to match Rockford Fosgate’s industry leading amplifiers and speakers, all the links in the audio chain are sonically superior. Rockford Fosgate will also offer a non-MP3 compatible source unit for 2003. The RFX9020, which will retail for just $199.00, is a solid, entry-level unit that includes a mechanical fold down faceplate, 2.3V unclipped preamp output with 100 ohm source impedance, 10 character dot matrix multicolor LCD, Programmable Eject Mute, Display Contrast adjust, and Display movement on-off.

Rockford Fosgate’s 2003 source units range in price from $199.00 to $1199.00 with unique and novel features, such as: a) MP3 via CD-R and CD-RW (4 models) b) IR Remote control capable or included (3 models) c) Cell Phone Mute (3 models) d) Motorized Removable Faceplate (3 models) e) Three pair of Audio Pre-Outs (FRT/RR/SUM) (5 models) f) 100 Disc Programmable Titling (3 models) g) Joliet File Name Compatible (MP3) h) 100 Station Title Memory and Display (2 models) i) 20 FM / 10 AM Tuner Presets (5 models) j) Multi-session MP3 Compatible (4 models) k) Available in Silver and Grey faceplates (3 models) l) Summed output (5 models) all models m) Eject Mute (all models) n) Aux Input with Adjustable Sensitivity (3 models) o) Selectable Faceplate Motorization Operation (3 models) p) Type RF amplifier DSP control (2 models) q) 32 character dot matrix multicolor LCD (2 models) r) DVD playing with Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS decoding (1 model) s) Custom RF screensaver (1 model) t) Built in center channel amplifier (1 model) u) Single DIN chassis DVD player with no external “black boxes” (1 model)

Specifications and Prices subject to change without notice.

Rockford Fosgate is a division of Rockford Corporation in Tempe, Ariz., a publicly traded company under the NASDAQ stock symbol ROFO.

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