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Rockford Fosgate Introduces New PUNCH Loaded Enclosures

15 years, 5 months ago Rockford Fosgate, Tempe, AZ, USA

Rockford Fosgate releases entirely redesigned PUNCH Loaded enclosures, jam packed with new features and entirely new look. New from the ground up and consistent with Rockford Fosgate’s 2009 “Solutions” product initiative, the perfectly matched woofer and enclosure break new ground in construction, technology and sound.

A giant LEAP forward, LEAP (Loudspeaker Enclosure Analysis Program) was utilized to determine the optimum port tuning for each enclosure design. The high-flow, low-noise port design maximizes tight, clean bass minimizing unwanted noise and distortion.

Using the latest CNC techniques to insure precise dimensional accuracy, all new PUNCH Loaded enclosures feature robust 5/8” MDF construction. This construction provides unmatched rigidity and dampens unwanted acoustical resonances. Each PUNCH Loaded unit is fitted with high quality large AWG input terminals making hook up clean and simple. Because these systems should look as good as they sound, Rockford Fosgate finishes off each enclosure with industrial grade carpet optimized for the automotive environment.

“It’s all there, we’ve pulled out all the stops to make sure these new loaded enclosures look and sound killer!” says Jake Braaten, Rockford Fosgate Director of Brand and Product Development.

The new PUNCH Loaded enclosures cradle the latest series of PUNCH woofers giving endless options for true system customization. Systems available for 2009 include PUNCH Loaded enclosures specifically designed for PUNCH P3, P3 Shallow, P2 and P1 woofers, both in 10” and 12” size.

Rockford Fosgate PUNCH Loaded enclosures will be available at over 800 Rockford Fosgate retailers nationwide starting in March, 2009. Retail pricing starts at $279.99.

Model Description MSRP (US)
P1 Series
P1L-1X10 Single Punch 10" 150 Watt Loaded Enclosure $279.99
P1L-2X10 Single Punch 12" 150 Watt Loaded Enclosure $289.99
P1L-1X12 Dual Punch 10" 300 Watt Loaded Enclosure $409.99
P1L-2X12 Dual Punch 12" 300 Watt Loaded Enclosure $429.99
P2 Series
P2L-1X10 Single Punch 10" 250 Watt Loaded Enclosure $329.99
P2L-2X10 Single Punch 12" 500 Watt Loaded Enclosure $509.99
P2L-1X12 Dual Punch 10" 250 Watt Loaded Enclosure $349.99
P2L-2X12 Dual Punch 12" 500 Watt Loaded Enclosure $549.99
P3 Series
P3L-1X10 Single Punch 10" 400 Watt Loaded Enclosure $381.99
P3L-2X10 Single Punch 12" 800 Watt Loaded Enclosure $608.99
P3L-1X12 Dual Punch 10" 500 Watt Loaded Enclosure $408.99
P3L-2X12 Dual Punch 12" 1000 Watt Loaded Enclosure $663.99

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