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New Rockford Fosgate DEADSKIN Sound Damping Kits Now Shipping

8 years, 5 months ago Charlie Leib | 480.380.0673 | [email protected]

Rockford Fosgate (, the industry leader in high-performance audio systems, is proud to announce that its new lineup of DEADSKIN sound damping products is now shipping.

“The DEADSKIN line was announced with great success at our recent Annual Product Showcase to rave reviews,” said Jake Braaten, Rockford’s V.P. of Product Development & Engineering. “In the world of audio, noise is one of the biggest enemies we face. The Rockford product team designed the DEADSKIN line in partnership with the experts at Hushmat to reduce the everyday noise and vibration encountered in vehicles.”

DEADSKIN products include trunk, door, speaker and bulk kits as well as a license plate kit with laser-etched stainless steel license plate frame. With a material thickness just under 1/8-inch (1.5mm), DEADSKIN is designed to be applied to most surfaces with little or no preparation. It is also highly flexible and cold formable to irregular surfaces so no heat guns are required to install the products and comes with a black foil backing.

“Ambient noise detracts from our ability to enjoy our music and often requires us to turn up the volume just to hear it,” Braaten continued. “This in turn leads to listening fatigue and stress which is not how we want to spend our time in our vehicles. Whether from basic road noise or vibration created from heavy bass beats, DEADSKIN products reduce the resonating abilities of your vehicle panels allowing you to truly appreciate your music library the way it should be heard.”

DEADSKIN products are OEM specified and approved, and are manufactured in the USA. With a variety of kits available, Rockford has the sound damping material needed to do the job. Price range for the DEADSKIN line is $25.99 - $278.99. Contact Rockford Fosgate for individual kit pricing.

“Hushmat is a pioneer in the category of sound damping materials, and so they are the perfect company to help us develop our new offering of DEADSKIN products,” added Bill Jackson, Rockford president & CEO. “Rockford Fosgate is always about offering the best quality products to our customers, and this new line of DEADSKIN delivers on that promise. With a complete line that fits each application, we think our customers will be excited to pair new DEADSKIN products with their speaker and subwoofer purchases.”

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