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Introducing the New Harley-Davidson® Audio Powered by Rockford Fosgate® Subwoofer System

2 years, 5 months ago Theresa Anthony | 480.517.3107 | [email protected]

True Bass Performance for 2014 and Later Touring Motorcycles

Rockford Fosgate (, the industry leader in high-performance audio systems, is excited to introduce a 300-watt subwoofer system purpose-built to deliver true on-road bass performance. Building on the popularity of Harley-Davidson® Audio Powered by Rockford Fosgate sound systems, owners of 2014 and later Harley-Davidson® touring bikes can now add subwoofers built to the exact specifications of their saddlebags.

Engineered for all out-bass performance and superior flexibly, the subwoofer systems are designed to be quickly removed from the saddlebag, ensuring the rider has bass when they want it and the space when they need it.

The installation is further simplified by the Harley-Davidson® Audio Powered by Rockford Fosgate® App. It adapts when the new subwoofer is added to the audio system and tailors the audio experience automatically.

To deliver class-leading performance Rockford integrated R-Tune®, a proprietary motorcycle equalization designed to be stronger and louder to overcome road rumble and wind noise into this system. A unique Motorcycle Dynamic EQ (M-DEQ™) works in concert by adaptively changing EQ points in real time to ensure incredible sound quality no matter the speed or riding conditions. Finally, Bass Management Enhancement (BME) continuously adapts to speed and road noise to maximize bass output at any volume or speed.

Harley-Davidson® will offer several options to add bass to new or existing Harley-Davidson® Audio Powered by Rockford Fosgate stereo systems. A single 10-inch subwoofer may be added to the six-speaker system without the need of an additional amplifier. For bikes equipped with a four-speaker audio system, either one or two 10-inch subwoofers may be added with the addition of the 300-watt amplifier. One sub may be added to the two-speaker audio system or two subs with the use of an additional 300-watt amplifier.

Harley-Davidson® Audio Powered by Rockford Fosgate subwoofer systems will be available through Harley-Davidson® dealerships and on-line at

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