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Car Audio and Electronics Reviews Punch P400-2

16 years, 8 months ago CAr Audio & Electronics - December 2007.

The new Punch amplifiers have been in the store for a little while now. Dressed in black with a cool blue power light, they have a dark, mysterious look. It makes me think of Darth Vader. Morality aside, you have to admit he was one powerful dude. So is this amp.

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The reviewer notes in this article:
"The frequency response didn't fare as well and was compromised by the fact that the Punch EQ2 doesn't ever go away completely. Even with the control turned counterclockwise, there's still about 1.5dB of EQ at both ends."

At the time of print, the reviewer was not aware this was a deliberate design with the addition of a "Fletcher-Munson" curve into the preamp circuitry. Cogent Audio Labs, previously reviewed the Power T600-2 amplifier (review to Car Audio and Electronics review provided below) and made this comment about the circuitry:

"This amp is specifically and intentionally designed NOT to have a flat frequency response, even with the Punch EQ turned to a minimum. Whether or not you agree with that decision is something I'd suggest you reserve judgement on until you've heard this amp."

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