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AutoSound Review of T212D2 From Finland

15 years ago AutoSound Magazine - Finland

This is a Finnish translation of monster subwoofer test for 10" and 12" woofers. The idea of test was find out if the promised power handling number was even close to real life. The magazine asked speakers tested to be in enclosure and limitation was only speaker per cabinet and size no bigger than 12”.

Speakers were first listened inside of a car with a Rockford Fosgate Power T2000-1bd amplifier. It produces 2,500 Watts into a 2-ohm load. Second phase was measurements outside as Ground Plane-method. Measured values were: sensitivity, frequency response, sound pressure levels at 32Hz, 40Hz, 50Hz, 63Hz and 80Hz with 10% THD (this measurement was averaged). Second sound pressure measurement was made with pink noise. Third sound pressure measurement was made with 40Hz and with this was measured real power handling, mechanical properties of structure at maximum levels at speaker can handle. In these outside measurements were used PA-amplifier, which specification were given to be 3,600W to 4-ohm load. Points were given as following: (in same order than in table). The best got 5.0 and other were out in a scale according to this.

Sound Auality (25%): How well and loud speakers plays with ability to separate details and play very low notes (20Hz was included in this).

Sensitivity/Sound Pressure )25%): This was measured with sweep function 20Hz-200Hz five times and averaged.

Power handling (30%): Every element was played at least at promised power handling wattage. If speaker handled more power it was measured until signs of breaking was noticed. Higher points were given to more power handling in compared to promised power handling.

Other measurements (5%): All measurement very inspected and mission was find best combination of all measured values.

Technical quality (5%): Overall technical quality and finishing were evaluated subjectively.

Connectors (5%): How well is polarity marked and will 6-8mm^2 cable fit and stay well?

Price/quality (5%): How well does price meet all previously fin out facts.

Rockford Fosgate was delivered to test in very solid box, made directly from RF's Powerful Enclosure with rectangular vent. The box was made with double front wall and sand-resin enforcement inside of each wall. The specs of the table in the end of page 38-39 are wrong with a lot of speakers, so please do not pay too much attention on it. The reflex tunnel made some noises during the test, so in the next version of test cabinet, we'll suggest a rounded corner. The Power T212D2 had great performance and it was noted to be able to do even more. It was said it really made everything moving inside of the car. The only improvements that the magazine suggested was a little bit more separation in bass notes and lower price. If you want to play loud and low, check this woofer out. The box tuning was a bit low, but the speaker did not give any signs of trouble in any measurement or testing.

In my personal opinion it went as well as it was possible. Rockford T2 did just exactly what it is suppose to do. Endless power handling and ability to hammer with low bass notes. About the test I was disappointed to fact, that no pressure was measured inside of car. I have found out that they had some problems with in-car measurement system and because of this it was left out.

Translated by Mika Koponen

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