Harley-Davidson® Audio Powered by Rockford Fosgate®

Legendary Sound

The wait is over – introducing the new Harley-Davidson® Audio powered by Rockford Fosgate® subwoofer system. This is true bass performance for your 2014 and later touring bike. The 300-watt subwoofer was purpose-built to the exact specifications of your saddlebags, not only for the perfect fit, but to deliver class-leading performance in a limited space.

System Overview

Engineered for all out-bass performance and superior flexibly, the all-new 10-inch 300-watt subwoofer systems are built the rider who wants bass when they want it and the space when they need it. Watch to learn more.

10” Subwoofer with Enclosure

Epic Bass

Everything that went into this 10” 300-watt subwoofer was all to deliver true on-road bass performance in your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. It was engineered specifically to play louder, longer without overheating. The vented pole piece design helps cut down on any unnecessary weight, and the spider and surround materials were purpose-built and provide lower bass performance, which sounds incredible in the motorcycle environment.

Element Ready Port Cover

Space When You Need It

The included port cover can be installed when the subwoofer needs to be removed to accommodate luggage.  Two thumb-screws secure the cover in place to prevent intrusion of elements like dust and water from entering the saddlebag, keeping your gear clean and dry.


Every measure was taken to put the rider first. Rockford and Harley specifically designed and engineered individual left and right speakers, measured rider positioning, and created a first of its kind tune that enhances the audio experience like never before. This all-inclusive system is purpose built from the ground up, to be stronger, louder and battle road rumble and wind noise.

M-DEQ (Motorcycle Dynamic EQ)

Audio that can keep up. In the past DSP’s just made the music louder when the ride gets faster. But our amplifier’s DSP is smarter, meticulously designed to adaptively change the EQ points in real time, meaning the tune changes to ensure incredible sound quality no matter the speed or riding conditions.

BME (Bass Management Enhancement)

Designed to produce more bass, no matter the volume. The active amplifier DSP continually adapts to speed, road noise and maximizes the speakers’ bass output to create powerful bass at any volumes or speeds.

Harley-Davidson™ Audio Powered by Rockford Fosgate® App

Upgrading speakers and tuning is now seamless and at your fingertips. Adding speakers is also incredibly fast and easy with the Smart-Install setup. The Harley-Davidson powered by Rockford Fosgate® App even adapts for each new speaker added to the audio system and tailors the audio experience automatically.


The Vertical Attach Surround Technique significantly increases a subwoofer's effective radiating cone area up to 25%.


Tested and then re-tested to ensure supreme durability. These subwoofers have endured extreme conditions and then vibration validation all to make sure they stand the test of time.


Subwoofer Size:

  • 10-INCH

Power Handling:

  • 300 Watts RMS Each

Nominal Impedance:

Terminal Connector:

  • Waterproof Deutsch

Frequency Response:

  • 30 Hz - 200 Hz


  • 2.0 Ω


  • 1.2 mH


  • 3.94.0 cm2


  • 7.8


  • 0.46


  • > 49.5 Liters


  • 0.49

Mounting Depth:

  • 4.2 Inches

SPL (1W / 1m):

  • 87 dB


  • 6.84 mm

Cutout Diameter:

  • 236 mm

Available Models:



  • Primary Subwoofer (right/brake side)

— H-D Part Number:

  • #76001163

— H-D Part Number:

  • #76001164


  • Secondary Subwoofer (left/clutch side)


  • Secondary Amplifier (required for 2-subwoofer systems)

— H-D Part Number:

  • #76000990 (secondary amplifier)

— H-D Part Number:

  • #76000975 (secondary wiring harness)

Installation Video:

  • Subwoofer Kit Install