Mitsubishi Mirage

300W ecoPUNCH System

The 2014+ Mitsubishi Mirage features an ecoPUNCH 300-watt audio upgrade with integrated subwoofers. 

Custom Developed Audio System

The Mitsubishi Mirage ecoPUNCH system is an economical and efficient audio system custom-developed for the Mirage.  The system features a molded enclosure with dual 6" long-throw subwoofers that neatly fits in the rear storage compartment.  The Flex41 300-watt amplifier with built-in 32-bit DSP allows Rockford Fosgate engineers to control every aspect of the sound for the listener.  From the arrival time of the signals to the listener, the frequency response of each speaker, to the dynamics (PUNCH); the system remains as true to the original as possible.


This technology precisely tailors the audio signal to each speaker based on the unique interior acoustics. Utilizing a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) tuning technology is like having a computer inside the amplifier. The DSP precisely tailors factors like equalization and signal timing to provide a clear and accurate sound stage.

Punch EQ

Rockford Fosgate engineers fine tune the audio system using a custom Punch EQ, specifically adapted for the acoustics of the vehicle. This sonic signature brings out the rumble in a bass or kick drum and the vibrance of vocals and musical instruments.

Class D Amplifier

This high efficiency amplifier design reduces current consumption from the vehicle's charging system while producing high power for the audio system. This Green topology offers a great compromise of efficiency -to- power output compared to traditional Class A/B designs.


Number of Channels:

  • 5

Number of Speakers:

  • 6

Amplifier RMS Power:

  • 300 Watts

Front Door:

  • 6.5"

Rear Door:

  • 6.5"


  • Dual 6" SVC